Excitement builds for landscaping

I had been bouncing around for the past week. My husband had just scheduled in our house to have brand new landscaping. It had been a long and frustrating road to finding a decent garden landscaping company that would do a good job and charge reasonable prices. My husband and I kept coming across companies that were looking to stretch jobs out over ridiculous timeframes to earn extra money. It was starting to become very unsettling and I had almost given up on the thought. It was only then that we stumbled across a garden landscaper near Melbourne North that looked promising.

Our garden was in need of some serious work, the old plants had wilted and died, soon to be replaced by a vibrant full colour garden of flowers. I have to take full responsibility for neglecting the yard and letting the plants wither away. My sister got the green thumb in the family, mine is more of a light pink. Our yard would be appealing again. I knew how much of a difference it was going to make and just couldn’t wait for the job to be done.

The landscapers were due to arrive tomorrow morning. I had been thinking about the possibility of polished concrete floors, Melbourne North neighbours had their outsides done and it looked amazing. I was hoping we could have our concrete floors outside polished to look nice and smooth. It’s rather funny, my husband and I had looked through that many garden magazines that we were starting to see roses during our sleep. Having the garden done was something that had completely taken over our lives and occupied every bit of thought we had. I could not wait to get into bed tonight only to wake up in the morning and have a handful of gardeners outside. I didn’t care how loud the work would be, I didn’t care as long as they fixed my garden. Having the garden landscaped was the best idea we’ve had in years.