Property Paperwork

I’ve observed the locals for some time now, and I must say they have the most complicated way of doing things. All paperwork and meetings, more paperwork, more meetings, and the signing of many, many documents. When I rented this property, I was asked to sign my name on every single piece of paper on the leasing agreement. There were twenty-eight pages! A simple whispered incantation could have replicated my signature on every single page, but they do it by hand.

I suppose blood pacts have gone out of fashion. Time was when both participants of an agreement would simply make deep gashes in their palms and shake hands like men, or women, or arcane entities from realms beyond. Things got a bit complicated when they simply had talons or tentacles instead of hands, however.

People here have to rely on conveyancing lawyers and solicitors to do their agreements for them, which is at least some form of progress. In fact, the passing of major property in the mystic realm can, I will admit, get a bit more complicated when you progress beyond the blood pact stage, so I think the addition of conveyancing lawyers might actually be of aid where I’m from.

I remember when I defeated the Jade Sorcerer in a duel for possession of his Cave of Inexhaustible Wealth. The witnesses to the duel should have been enough. And if we had some sort of conveyancing and settlement professional on hand, the property could have traded hands without much fuss. Maybe a quick sprinkling of blood on parchment. Instead, I had to take the sorcerer’s dry bones up to Iniquity Mountain, battle the Great and Dreadful Guardian Beast, place the bones upon the Altar of Solidarity, weave all of my accomplishments into a forty-five minute piece of magical slam poetry and THEN answer the ancient riddle of the eighty-four nauseous ravens.

I could’ve just found a reputable conveyancing and settlement lawyer and signed some paperwork. So really, I suppose both realms have their tedious paperwork and hoops to jump through.