Recreational Vehicle Game Is Strong

I cannot wait to get out of town for a few weeks. I need a break from everyone’s drama, not to mention that the weather has been leaving a lot to be desired. A solo drive out to the red centre and back will go a long way, I reckon.

It’s no small undertaking, though. I’ve been kitting out the ute for a good few months now. First there were the modifications to improve stability (I’m planning to tackle some pretty hectic terrain out there) – that’s an ongoing operation, with a view to eventually putting together the ultimate 4×4 off-roader. Then there was getting a custom canopy built to fit the tray, which is a bit of an odd size but a trusty bit of engineering that I can’t bear to part with.

Now I’m down to the finer detail. On the weekend, I finally got my custom aluminium toolbox. Melbourne tradies, maybe you can relate to my excitement about this. Having somewhere secure to store all your bits and pieces while you’re on the road is so cool, especially if you’ve previously been trying to keep things together in random crates and whatnot. Mine fits seamlessly under my oddly shaped ute tray, and has its own security system.

I’m getting deep into the nitty gritty now – there’s so many handy bits and pieces that can be added to enhance the functionality of a standard ute. Gas bottle holders could be a good move, as could a few other holster-type additions inside the canopy. A sliding draw for my fridge would be awesome.

Look, I know this stuff isn’t absolutely essential for what I’m doing, but it’s sure to make life a lot easier. As someone who’s done a lot of long-distance driving trips to remote locations, I can tell you that it pays to have a designated place for everything you might conceivably need. If that place isn’t underneath piles of other stuff, and has its own key, then all the better.