Adventures in Property and Pestilence

I just got off the phone with old mate at the real estate agency. Our offer has been rejected… again. This time, though, I’m more relieved than anything – I had a weird feeling about that house. It wasn’t just the pokey rooms and odd smell that put me off; there were also some indications of termite damage.

Seeing as we didn’t have enough time to properly investigate the extent of it, it’s quite possibly for the best that we weren’t saddled with the place. It’s not like we’re in any kind of rush. Even so, I am a tiny bit disappointed – when is the right property going to turn up, at the right price? I wasn’t expecting the process to take this long.

One thing I could probably do is brush up on the best way to get hold of info like termite inspection results as quickly as possible. What’s the best local company for pest control services, Sorrento? I reckon I’ll have a chat with them about how to approach this whole thing because, from what I can tell, our real estate agent is pretty useless on this stuff.

Why don’t they teach this kind of thing in school? I mean, I understand why, but honestly. It’s like you wake up one day, a third of the way through your life, and realise that you know nothing about how to do… well, stuff of this nature. It’s getting to be a cliche, this type of observation, but that’s because it’s true.

It’s all good, though – or it will be, once I nail this whole thing of how to properly carry out pre-purchase termite inspections. Mornington readers, is there anything else that I should be looking into? Perhaps something specifically pertaining to damage caused by salt spray or wind or something of that ilk?

Help a confused millennial out. The last thing I need is a house that requires extensive rebuilding… there’s enough paperwork involved in just putting in an offer, let alone having to apply to the council for redevelopment or whatever.