Show Our Offices Some Love

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in one of our other offices. I’ve been doing secretary work for seven years, I see pretty much every single one of the major emails that comes in, and I’ve seen THINGS. Little mentions of office amenities that they’ve typed by accident, without thinking. The office down in Adelaide just casually let slip once that they were getting an air conditioning upgrade. It was in the middle of a budgeting email, and they thought I wouldn’t notice! And one thing I couldn’t miss was how the Melbourne office had to move out for the weekend because they got some premium office designs from a Melbourne company…in Melbourne. When was the last time we got office fitouts here, I wonder? I don’t have to wonder; it was in the 1970s when this building was first constructed. The best we’ve gotten since then is new carpeting, which by that point was practically a human right. No one should have to come to work every day and see mustard yellow, certainly not in 2013.

I hope they’re enjoying their complete office makeover while we’re here in the dark ages. And I’m well-aware of how they tried to hide it as well; it only came out in error. Just like how we accidentally found out that the Brisbane office was going open plan, five years before everyone else. And don’t even get me STARTED on Hobart. Yeah, little Hobart that no one remembers. I was able to read between the lines and figure out that they’ve now got a dedicated, on-call IT team.

When’s the Sydney office getting this stuff!? Surely we can get some help from the other office interior designer. Melbourne isn’t that far away that the office can’t afford a business trip. I kinda feel like we do…and I know, because an email from the Melbourne branch accidentally got sent to us once and I did my own research.