Oxygen Chambers Will be Adequate

So it would appear that crossing the equator has caused me to become weaker. That’s explanation one, anyway…the other is that gorging upon this countries ‘junk food’ has caused me to become bloated and slow, and thus running for the bus this morning with such vigour is the reason I had quite a severe asthma attack this morning, right in the middle of the street. Rather shameful.

I never had such problems when I used to dine upon fine meat and fresh vegetables, so I must blame this world’s food. Curse you, chicken parma with a side of curly fries! You have been overly-delicious for the last time! Now that I’ve experienced the best portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers Melbourne has to offer, I’m having trouble believing it does NOT rely upon magic.

Of course, we have medication for such things back where I’m from. A simple clearing of the lungs, for example. And…well, that’s it. It’s quite specific. Now the mortals have managed to conjure up a device that clears the lungs and the mind. I’m interested in acquiring a portable version for my home, for the sole reason that if it happens again, I might just need to be hospitalised. See, you can’t call for help when you’re having an asthma attack, so I’ve found out. Perhaps I could store the power of a hyperbaric chamber inside an amulet of sealing, but even that requires a brief moment of concentration to bring forth and not being able to breathe rather stymies that sort of thing.

No, a portable chamber for my daily use will be fine. All my elderly friendly will think me so very progressive and tech-savvy! I’ll need to use the inter-net, see where are the best sellers of hyperbaric chambers in Melbourne. Oh, and a new place to live, because there is nowhere in this small apartment for a chamber to go. Maybe a pocket dimension…