Air Con Broken Again

If you are reading this, it is too late. That phrase was far more dramatic before Drake used it as an album title. Still, if you really are reading this, then it actually is too late. I decided I would only leave this note if you didn’t make it back in time for the cooling technician. I have told you four times that he is coming to repair our air conditioning, Sydney CBD is not that far away, if you wanted to you could have make it back. This is the final straw for me. If you can’t take twenty minutes out of your day to help me fix our heating then I cannot take any longer to be by your side. If you come home in the next half an hour I will greet you with a kiss and a smile and be a little embarrassed that I doubted you. If you don’t make it home I will tell the heating technician to contact you to find a better time to make the appointment and I will leave this note for you to read. I have taken the car and my stuff, you can pick the car up at my mum’s any time.

Don’t try and contact me. I am done. If you are stupid enough to think this is all about the air con servicing in Sydney, then I am ashamed I ever loved you. This has just gone on too long and I deserve someone better. You are selfish and cold. Not just cold because the heating is broken but cold to the depth of your soul. I imagine this won’t come as a major shock as I have threatened to leave you numerous times and last time I told you that one more disappointment and I am out of here. I really truly hope you don’t read this note. I hope we spend tonight in our beautifully heated home, drinking wine and talking about our days. If you do read it, thank you for showing me the light.