Beautiful Apartment Windows

I’ve grown up with the best of everything. My family is one of the richest families in one of the richest communities in Melbourne and we are traditionally known as Melbourne’s Elite. I have just been accepted to the most prestigious university in Melbourne and will be relocating to be closer to uni. My parents are in the midst of building me an apartment nearby so that I can invite the most elite people from university into my new social circle. I’m already a well established young member of society, but this is how I’m going to cement myself as one of the youngest female leaders in Australia. I’m born to lead, and I will do it.

I visited the apartment for the first time since I chose its location, and it is coming along very nicely. My parents are educated and refined just like I am, and so they are two of the only people in my life that don’t need directions from me. What they have designed so far is perfect. They have just coordinated an elegant double hung windows installation in the main living area, and the windows look over the stunning public gardens. I’m so glad they have such an eye for design. I will host so many exquisite events by these windows.

There was just one area in my bedroom that I wasn’t happy with. When I did a tour of the apartment, I noticed that my wardrobe wasn’t big enough. My wardrobe needs to be the size of a large bathroom to fit all my clothes in. I told my parents to knock out the wall between the wardrobe and the laundry as I have no need for the laundry anyway. I will have someone come and take my clothes each day to wash them. When they knock out the wall, they will need to do a timber window frame replacement. Melbourne is a beautiful city and I need to see every part of it. I can’t wait to move in.