Always Late

Okay, hang on…the clocks went back and no one TOLD me? I’ve just been an hour late to everything for the last couple of weeks?

Wait, which way was it? I’ve asked the computer search thing and it says it’s supposed to be 8:30, and my watch says 7:30, so…the clocks went forward. Yep, I’ve definitely been late to a load of things. And also, wow, nobody in my life cares about me, do they? I’ve been showing up for work late for two weeks and apparently I could’ve been getting away with it this whole time. Maybe it’s the tinting. We just got the whole building done with that commercial office tinting everyone’s having done nowadays, and it makes it a little bit harder to tell what time of day it is. I know an hour isn’t super dramatic in terms of light, but I do get to work very early so I might have noticed. I didn’t, though. The tinting is so strong that it totally slipped my notice.

Wait, so I’ve been staying at work an hour later every day as well?? I hadn’t even noticed the place being so empty, so perhaps I shouldn’t give everyone else a hard time for not paying attention when I’m exactly the same. It’s because I don’t have a smartphone, you see. Everyone else’s phones must have updated, and here’s me with my little flip phone that isn’t even connected to the internet. And then I go home, it’s just me with my analogue clocks, and I suppose I just missed it.

Still, this has never happened before. That’s some powerful tinting, I tell you what. It’s like if we got some of Melbourne’s best decorative window glass between the cubicles and I just suddenly forgot about the person next to me because I couldn’t see them. That’d be so weird!

Of course, I know I work next to…Jane? Janine?