I Can Drive If I Want

The doctor said I shouldn’t be driving, which is an amateur mistake. I might have been more willing to listen if they said I CAN’T drive, but ha, your vague advice means nothing to me. I have places to go, clients to see, and I’m not going to be getting anything done just trundling around on public transport. Not in Melbourne, anyway.

Apparently my eyesight is deteriorating at a rapid rate, but I can still see things just fine, and really, you don’t need to be able to see THAT well to drive. Cars are huge. I see a giant blur coming towards me, and I know it’s a car because what else? I have all my car servicing needs sorted by a garages near Bentleigh. They’re on speed-dial, so even if I do have a bit of a bingle I can get it sorted pretty quickly.

See, the only thing worse for me than being in a small, inconsequential car crash is not working. I’ve long accepted that I’m a workaholic, and unfortunately I’m tied to my motor vehicle. Take that away and I’m just stewing at home, not able to get anything done. The doctor might advise me not to drive, but if it was an actual clear and present danger then they would’ve just said so instead of beating around the bush with vague warnings.

Best thing I can do at the moment is keep the car in good condition. I might not be in good conditioning, but cars are a lot simpler. No one’s ever looked at a car and said ‘I don’t THINK you should be on the road, but you live your own life, you sentient being’. No. You take your car to a mechanic, it comes back totally fixed and ready to roll, as according to government regulation. That’s why there are mechanics,Bentleigh resident can rest assured that their vehicles are in good hands. And doctors for appointments basically everywhere. But I know how I feel, and that’s well enough to be driving. Probably going to be worse if I DON’T drive.