Children…Truly an Inexplicable Sort

Since I don’t really feel any emotions, I’m not the best person to be hosting a birthday party. So I suppose I should just be glad that there are people around who do that sort of thing for me.

From an early age- the earliest age there is, the age of zero- I haven’t really felt much of anything. Thus, you can understand why children are rather inexplicable to me, given their rampant displays of emotion. I don’t think I’ll ever have one myself, but my brother became attracted to another person, a female, and they now have a son. The female is no longer with us. I can’t quite remember why.

Anyway, my brother rather inconveniently became quite ill with glandular fever and is currently in hospital, leaving the birthday celebrations of his son to me. At the very least, however, he is aware of the way I am, and left me a list of birthday party venues. Sydney has a great many of them, something I would not have been aware of since I trouble myself very little with such things. Regardless, I had to choose one, and while much of the entertaining of the children was accounted for, I was nonetheless required to stand by and make sure there were no injuries.

Children are curious creatures, if anyone was not aware. So brazen with their emotional displays. So very tactless in how they communicate. And of course, they make such loud noises when they play. I think it must be some kind of social signal as well as a method of competition, to see who can indicate that they are having the most ‘fun’.

I feel like I understood fun, once, many years ago. Not quite enough to do anything drastic like request that my parents find a Sydney indoor play centre and host me a birthday party there, however. By the time I became old enough to comprehend birthdays, I was more concerned with quadratic equations than I was with balloons.