Kids Party Challenge Accepted

It seems The Birthday Princess has changed her tune. For the past few weeks, she’s been firm on her stance of not wanting a birthday party this year because ‘they’re for babies’. There was nothing I could say to convince her of the inaccuracy of this statement. This week, though, she’s received two birthday party invitations from kids in her class, and it’s dawning on her that perhaps she’s made a grave error of judgement.

Unfortunately for me, the designated party planner, her birthday is in two weeks, and I’m completely swamped at work now. I just don’t have time to organise all the requisite paraphernalia. It’s not only a matter of sorting out activities, food and decor (honestly, even clearing a bit of uninterrupted floor space would be a stretch at this point). There’s also the task of dealing with all the parents.

To heck with it – I’ll book a kids party venue. Bayswater parents, help me out. What are the options? I’ve always loved throwing elaborate parties at home, so I’ve never done this before. The good thing about this being on such short notice is that I don’t feel any pressure to impress, which is really not what kids’ parties should be about. I’m all for keeping things as simple as humanly possible. All the kids are going to care about, after all, is getting rowdy in a pack for a few hours.

Alright, Birthday Princess. I see your change of heart, and raise you a session at the local indoor play centre and cafe. Bayswater might have a couple of them, I don’t know. I’m sure we can find one with an opening on that one Saturday we all have free before your dad goes overseas.

This’ll be good, I think. Have you seen these places? They have all kinds of big climbing frames and nets, ball pits and giant slides. Plus, the kids can’t take off and get lost – it’s all secure. And there are staff to assist! And coffee! Done and done.