Colour Argument

A popular graphic design company in Melbourne has shut down due to an intense argument between employees over the colour of their logo. Caleb Duncan and Tomas Smith are reported to be the two employees involved; both graphic designers, witnesses have reported that the altercation began after the updated company logo, intended to be displayed on custom unicorn wallpaper was presented to the CEO in a meeting.

“There’s a bit of yellow in one of the letters,” says Joanne Jones, personal assistant to the CEO. “And the boss loved it, but both of them thought that they were the ones who added the yellow. They began to shout, then it turned serious. The CEO told me to run.”

It is currently unknown how, but a fire began in the office shortly after that spread to the rest of the building. Varying witness reports have stated that the two men took their argument to the main office area, after which a power plug became doused in water, sparked and set fire to the curtains.

Duncan and Smith are currently in being questioning about the incident. Both men have been described as severely embarrassed and ashamed, as well as having suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. It’s not clear if the pair will remain with the company following the incident.

“It’s a simple logo on brick wallpaper!,” said CEO James Tall. “Honestly, I can’t believe it’s come to this. Our graphic design company was one of the best in Melbourne, and now all our amazing designs are gone. It’s a tragedy.”

However, many employees are seeing the incident as a chance to re-decorate, with many designing plans for the new wallpaper.

“I’m seeing this as an opportunity,” says head of creative imagery Stuart Mac. “We have plans, we have designs…I think we can rebuild. We do digital design every single day. We can be sure as heck we can do it for our own building.”