Disability with age










Ageing is a weird thing. No two people age the same. Some people start experiencing challenges associated with ageing younger than others, while others never experience these challenges at all. For some, these challenges mean the end of life is imminent. While for many, these challenges are only a sign of what is to slowly come. I’ve been living with a disability associated with ageing for the last ten years. I’m noticing a lot of pain in my legs and it’s becoming increasingly unbearable. My doctor has informed me that this illness that is impacting my legs and joints is bad enough to be classed as a disability, especially as it is impacting my ability to function each day. 

I’m lucky to have a doctor that puts the wellbeing of their patients at the forefront of everything they do. My doctor provided me with information about community nursing programs in Adelaide. Apparently these sorts of services are decided to offer ongoing care management for people with disabilities. When it was suggested that I might benefit from a program like this, there was no hesitation on my behalf. I knew that this was something I needed to make my life more comfortable.

A registered nurse visited my home to begin enrolment into the community nursing system. He took the time to understand my needs and what I needed to make my life easier. Following this, the nurse also provided me with ongoing education and support so I could also better understand my needs.

I kind of wish I arranged to sign up to a disability support provider sooner. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress, strain, and unhappiness. I’m really seeing the improvement in my life. I’m able to maintain my health and independence, while also immersing myself into a community of people who share the same struggles as myself.

If anyone else believes they might be eligible for disability support, I highly recommend them to either speak to  their doctor, or start calling around. Disability support has changed my life and it might change yours too.