We’re stuck!









Why do cars alway break down at the most inconvenient times? I suppose no time is a good time for a car to break down. If you’re in your car driving it’s most likely because you’ve got somewhere to be. I definitely had somewhere to be last Tuesday. Both my husband and I had somewhere to be. Our eldest daughter was having her grade one concert and she’d been so looking forward to us watching her. Little did we know that on the way there our car would decide to stop. At first I thought it was me stalling our car as I’m terrible at driving manuals, but then my husband switched seats with me and informed me the battery had died. 

Ordinarily, something like this wouldn’t be such a problem. I’d find a car battery replacement expert near me, then move on with my life. Unfortunately, we had our daughter waiting for us. She has no mobile phone for us to contact her on. Plus, she’s eight years old and wouldn’t understand the idea of a car battery dying. It took about forty minutes for the tow truck to arrive. I felt like crying. The thought of our sweet little girl going on stage hoping to see us but noticing her parents are nowhere to be seen was so upsetting. I closed my eyes and held high hopes that we could get a taxi or something to her concert and still make it on time to see her performance. 

We went in the tow truck to the mechanic. Underwood, the area of the school concert, was only ten minutes away. I was confident that we would make it in time. Thanks to the efficiency of everyone involved, and mine and my husband’s positivity, we arrived at the concert in time to see our daughter. When she spotted us in the audience, she grinned from ear to ear. That adorable little smile made me forget about the stress I’d endured half an hour earlier. In fact, it made it all worth it.