Heat These Days…

All this talk of a heatwave in Australia, but I haven’t really noticed one. Nope…nothing like where I’m from, and I swear it’s even cooler than it used to be; the kids just complain more than they used to. Time was that we didn’t even have any air conditioning, and we had to walk to school in 120% humidity while the sun beat down on our heads because there just weren’t as many clouds back then. I think the government may have started to add more clouds into the sky after so many people in this new generation complained that it was too hot.

Of course, no air conditioning, in Canberra at all let alone on every bus and schoolroom, because heaven forbid the little children have to learn in anything outside of the optimum temperature. Back when I was very young and going to school, our classrooms all used to be made of aluminium, because it was a cheap metal that stood a chance of warding off a bomb threat. So we’d sit there in our classroom boxes, made of thin metal and glass, and you’d feel like a chicken stew placed inside the oven at a low heat to simmer while the family went off to church, so you could come home afterwards and the meat would be beautifully tender, and then you could have it for dinner the day afterwards with bread. Having no air conditioning really did that for us, you know. Turned us into hardened citizens, which i know is the opposite of tender, but in this metaphor, the thing inside the oven is being turned into something better than it was, and that’s just how it worked out in the end so shush. Metaphors were so much better back in my day.

Now it’s all praise be to the companies that do air conditioning repair in Canberra.  These folks who make it so we can live in comfort. That reliance isn’t something I really agree with…BUT, it’s good, honest, solid work those fellows do. Even involves step ladders and drilling. Considering they could just be making robots do the installation, it’s at least one part of the whole thing that makes sense.