Pure Kitchen Perfection

Kitchens. Kitchens will be my latest conquest.

That may not sound grand or adventurous, but kitchens are where magic is made. Food is cooked, tea is brewed, dishes are washed, desserts are sprinkled with little shards of chocolate. It’s the place where life truly happens. And so, I will design the perfect kitchen, perfect in functionality AND style. Doesn’t sound like getting the balance will be too hard. I’m undecided as to whether I’ll do the work myself or bring in a place with some chic, modern kitchen design experience to do the job for me. I suppose it’s all dependent on how much time I have. I might be the perfect humanoid, but I still can’t make there be more hours in the day. Or…can I…?

Questions for later. Right now I have to decide whether four stoves or six stoves is optimal. You might think six, always six, and you’d be WRONG. The space taken up by an extra two stoves might take up valuable counter-top, where you might be able to put a kitchen roll holder or a jar of dog treats. In crafting the perfect kitchen, all these things have to be taken into account. It’s a lot of factors to juggle; I may have to make a spreadsheet. Given the space I have to work with, it a walk-in pantry really practical? I can save up to 30% of my space by installing a rotating pantry that can be inserted into the wall for easy storage, but then I’m wondering where I’d stoe the cereal. You can’t have an entire cupboard for cereal. That would be a travesty.

Now I can see why the kitchen designers in Melbourne dedicate themselves to perfection. There’s so much to learn; one could work for decades and kitchens would still hold such mystery. Perhaps there is no one perfect kitchen…but if there is I’m the one to find it.