Spooky Mansion, Perfect

Usually I wouldn’t consider buying a haunted mansion, but today I’m just feeling adventurous. I’m building an investment portfolio, so I might as well have a bit of fun while I’m at it and see how many unique properties I can collect. I’ve got a penthouse, a few regular houses in the suburbs, and I’ve got my eye on a set of units on the south east. But a supposedly-haunted mansion…that’s unfamiliar. It appeals to me, on some level.

People will tell me not to do it, but I’m thinking it’ll become a pet project of sorts. I got in some of the best property advocates Melbourne residents can rely on to help me search for something a little bit different, and huge. Don’t have anything really big yet. Even the penthouse is really small, mostly just a place where you’re paying for the view rather than anything else. Spoke to the advocates about what I was after, maybe also mentioned that I wanted something with a bit of prestige but old-world charm, and this is what they came up with.

It’s beautiful, in its own way. A mansion from the turn of the century, on a bit of an incline (so it’s kind of a haunted mansion on a hill) and no one has lived in it for about thirty years. It’s not a mansion’s mansion…like, not the Keymore Mansion, which is truly one of those places where people would be panicking about cleaning if they weren’t scared off by the horrible stories. This one doesn’t have the worst stories, but locals have said a bit about it, that they can see strange lights on at night and all that. Kids are afraid to go near it, and it’s now run-down in a way that would put a lot of people off.

And this is why buyers advocate companies are supposed to be the best, because it’s exactly what I always wanted. I mean…I didn’t specify that I wanted it haunted, but beggars can’t be choosers. And I like the spooky vibe.