The Future of Power

So, tonight at the Futurist Club was asked the important question of ‘will we still need electricity when the people from far beyond Alpha Centauri come to take over the world and forcefully convert it into a utopia?’

Personally, I’m still skeptical if there ARE going to be any invaders, but if it actually happens, then I can’t see electricity going away. No utopia could possible involve a lack of tablet computers, or quality shows on Neat-Flicks. So if there’s electricity, then commercial and residential electricians are always going to be important, and will thus have quite an elevated position in the new order. Being an electrician is going to be quite difficult, since they’ll be dealing with far advanced methods of electricity generation. Oh, you know…100% efficient solar power, dyson spheres, harnessing the power of black holes, that sort of thing. So you can’t just go to TAFE for a few years and get a qualification to start working. Being an electrician is going to be a much more involved deal, with all this stuff like academies, elite chosen students and passing super tough exams where you either graduate or…well, you don’t make it out with your life.

And being an electrician right now is a dangerous enough job. I knew an electrician based in Cheltenham that had to get physiotherapy because he got nerve damage in his arm. Some builder didn’t insulate the walls, there was an accident. Through no fault of his own, the poor guy had to take time off work.

Just imagine the injuries you could get dealing with spheres of energy! I tell you what, I hope the invaders bring some quality protective equipment with them from beyond the stars, because all these new jobs they’re creating in the utopia are nonetheless going to be dangerous. There’s a price to be paid for fixing all of society’s problems with alien technology.