Car Climate Control

Next time I take my car in for a service, I’m asking if I can get an upgrade to my heating and cooling. I don’t care what it takes and I don’t care if it contravenes the international conventions; I just want it done. Unfortunately, all of the garages in Ringwood do roadworthy certificates, and those can only be acquired by having your vehicle do all of the things it should, within regulations. If any garage with repute found that I’ve souped up my heating so much that it can blow dry clothes in seconds, then they might have a problem with it. No problems…I’ll just find a super seedy back-alley mechanic who can help me out, if those things even exist.

I’m just cold, all the time. I also spend a lot of time in my car, and even with the heating on full blast it just doesn’t heat up fast enough. I want to be able to open the door, step in, close the door, turn the heating knob and feel instant difference, instead of shivering for minutes at a time while the place heats up enough for me to drive. Or…maybe the car can remotely heat while I’m in the house, so I’m ready to drive and go? Just, anything. Anything that gives me those extra few minutes in my warm and cozy bed. And my car’s air conditioning is the same; needs a boost to take away the edge of the sauna feeling, fast. I want it to be so instant and cold, you could bring a bag of frozen peas with you into the car after it’s been sitting in the sun, and the peas would stay frozen. You could sit in your car on a hot day wearing a parka and feel justified.

And if all of this could be achieved within legal limits, that’s a bonus. I’m sure there are mechanics who do car repairs in Ringwood who could give me some great advice. I’ll sign a waiver…anything. Just give me my precious heat.