Me and My Garden

If I had to tell you the main reason I started working from home, I’d probably say that it was the fact that I could sit outside. Most offices don’t allow that sort of thing; you’re trapped behind glass all day with the air conditioning turned up too high. I didn’t mind taking a hit to my pay if it meant that I’d get to live the dream of lying in a sun lounger all day, after having slip-slop-slapped of course. I write my card greetings, get paid my pittance, and it’s awesome.

I guess I can also garden at exactly the same time, so it was a natural fit. I went and asked a few gardening experts and they said that calla lilies needed about six hours of sun a day. Well…that was all I needed to hear, because these lilies were made for me. I know you don’t actually need to be with your flowers all day to make sure they’re growing, but why take that risk? So I bought some calla lilies, a few hot cherries and some hot chocolate (flower names are great) and now most of my working day is spent soaking up rays alongside them. Me and these lilies know exactly what we want from life, and it’s just a bit of simple vitamin D. That’s the sun vitamin, right?

Of course, I spend a lot of time out here in the garden and I need something to occupy me in those short breaks. Need to recharge my creativity, otherwise I get to the end of the day and feel like I’m wringing out a dry sponge (the dry sponge is my brain). Just planted some trixi big eye in a hanging basket on the fence, also a sun-loving plant, so I’m excited to see how that goes. Give me a year or so of this and I’ll have my own little botanical garden, right here where I work. Who needs to travel when you’ve got something like that?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I don’t get paid enough to travel anyway.