Glass Tinting Expert

Add another one to the list of ‘things that I’d like to do to my home that I probably never will’. the other girls are always asking me ‘why not just do it yourself? It’s 2018, get a bit of DIY on, girl!’

And I say ‘I have two kids and I’m a single mother, where exactly am I finding the time for a night class, you childless, ignorant, happy, free folk?’ So yeah. The side business is going pretty well, especially since the Month of October has begun and the number of inter-state travellers spewing forth has basically doubled. Still, I only have one set of hands.

Besides, tinting isn’t something you can just do with a bit of DIY. Professional office window tinting is something that has to be done by experts, although maybe that’s something to do with the fact that a lot of offices are high rises. It’d be incredibly dangerous for Dave from accounting to attempt to put window tinting film up on the tenth floor. Not to mention how difficult it is to put up tinting without any air bubbles getting under the film!

Tinting windows that high has to carry at least a bit of risk, even if you’re taking out the panes and replacing them from the inside. I also couldn’t do anything like that on account of the fact that it’s exposing myself to high altitudes. That’s bird territory, and I’ve seen so many of their kind that they’d be sure to detect my scent and bathe the building in their mystic ice breath. Best for everyone that I stay on the ground.

So, it looks like my home will remain untinted for the time being. Let’s face it, for big fancy office buildings in Melbourne, commercial decorative window glass is a must. I suppose they’re what all the visitors see. Not my little old home in the suburbs, with thoroughly ordinary windows.