Colder, Even Colder!

One of our premium visitors came to the castle-mansion yesterday and asked us why we don’t have any air conditioning, anywhere. At first I tried to laugh it off and say that we have some excellent insulation, but then they pointed out that it was boiling, there in our coffee parlour, and they couldn’t believe that neither me nor my wife could feel it. Drat. Almost foiled by a simple change in temperature that we cannot perceive because of our…special biology.

So, we need to get some air conditioning. Shouldn’t be a problem, because the only time we’ll ever turn it on is for guests. I suppose I’ll call on some contacts, see if there’s a good company for air conditioning repair in Brighton. There’s still so much of the summer left, and there will be more summers, so we have to be prepared. It’s not like air conditioning is going to cost us a great deal in the long run, since…well, we won’t have it on most of the time. Only when we have visitors.

I must say, this was never a problem back in Transylvania. Perhaps this is because the climate is much milder, plus on the hill where our castle was located there was a permanent, year-long thunderstorm, so no one who ever came to the castle was ever asking about our air conditioning services. Of course, the interior of the castle was freezing at all times as well, so much so that warm-blooded guests were breathing steam, so once again…air conditioning isn’t something we considered. People didn’t come to our home expecting a lovely cool breeze while they sipped their ice coffees. Just another way we must adapt to the Australian way.

Seems like getting air conditioning in Beaumaris might be an option to help us out. Decent reviews, and far enough away that there won’t be TOO many questions circulating about the goings on in our home…