Notice Me

Nobody suspects that I am secretly a wizard. And that’s annoying. I’ve been trying to make it really obvious, but the people of this world have the uncanny ability to rationalise absolutely anything, and it’s driving me insane. It’s like…just be amazed by me, and stop blaming it on gas leaks and fireworks! Just yesterday I went onto my front lawn and conjured a mystical water spout that curled into the shape of a giant dragon. All that happened was that a few teenagers drove past and said that the special effects were super cool, and my elderly neighbour Gladys said she’d call the council if I wasted any more water!

I even joined an office, because I heard they were mundane places with little physical activity, and thus are the perfect stage for phantasmagorical displays. They’ve been working on updating the office style since I started. Office designs, in Melbourne you say? Well, what happens when I redesign the entire office overnight, to make it so every single wall is a mirror, the kitchen becomes 60% bigger than the building should physically allow, and the desks make soothing noises when you put things on them?

What happens? We all get sent home, the boss apologising for whoever pulled this ‘prank’, and promising that he’d get the best office designers he can find to do a proper job. Um…hello? What does a wizard have to do to get noticed around here? I’m starting to think I could walk out into the street and turn someone into a trout without any concerns. They’d decide that I’m a mere rabbit-hat-pulling illusionist, huffily demanding I return their friend from my magic box.

Well…if it’s office fitouts they want, office fitouts is what they’ll get. I’ll organise a company that specialises in office fitout to sort out the entire thing. I’m well known for my organisational skills among my circle. They’ll HAVE to acknowledge my powers.

Only problems is getting established. Office design companies don’t just spring up overnight, unfortunately; it’s a competitive field indeed.