Fun With Glass, and Money

You know the best thing about being ‘new’ money? You can break the rules a little bit. The unseen and unspoken upper class of Australia is just as old and stuffy as it is in places like Britain, all judgemental and prudish about people who deviate from the norm. Might be why they’re dying out? Just a thought. I wanted to be part of that exclusive club for all of…a week, maybe? Then I saw what they were and decided against it. Politely.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that polite. And now I’m having glass balustrading installed in my home. Sounds very high class, but I also currently have some guys looking into the possibility of a glass slide being installed parallel to the staircase, so I can choose whether I slide or walk down. Of course, I myself will pretty much never have a reason to walk if I have my own glass helter skelter, but I’m thinking about guests who might want the option. I’d also really like the glass balustrading to go down multiple floors, along with the slide, but that might be a logistical nightmare. We’ll see. I’m no glazier expert; that’s why I pay people to look into that stuff for me. I’m not too sure if a slide made of glass is even a good idea to begin with, but surely there wouldn’t be enough time to build up friction. Don’t know, but I’ll soon find out.

See, having money does free you up somewhat to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible, and some folks just don’t realise it. They’d prefer to do everything by tradition, stick to the old ways, and basically live in a tiny cage of their own making. When they could be getting a quality residential glazier Melbourne homeowners can rely on to build them slides and balustrades, together. Just saying, I’d rather be in the first camp by far.