Melbourne, a Place of Motors and Intrigue

Finally, I’ve made it to the place where dreams come true: Melbourne.

Or so I’ve been told. I love my home country, but this is such a new and exciting adventure, and I’m glad I was finally able to save up enough to get here. Initially my letters to my pen pal were quite normal, and his answers were very brief. Our schools connected us as part of a special program, but for a while I thought the letters would eventually stop. I learned many interesting things: that my pen pal’s father used to work as an anchor winch repair specialist near Melbourne, and he had two cats, and didn’t really like boats very much but all their family liked sailing.

The letters got shorter…but then suddenly, they became MUCH longer and more detailed. With a mounting sense of dread, I learned that aliens oppress the fine folks doing outboard motor repairs and takes part of their profits, and they use the money to fund homes in secret underground tunnels underneath the ocean floor. I didn’t even know there were tunnels under the ocean! Wouldn’t it be terribly cold down there?

It was all terribly thrilling, and 100% real to boot. I read the letters with mounting dread, as my pen pal told me about the machinations of the aliens, and how they were thinking of moving into the anchor winch business and making things difficult for people there, only to be taken down in one giant sting operation by the Police. Simply fascinating stuff!

And thus, the outboard motor repairs companies in Melbourne were left to thrive, and now canals have been built all through Melbourne transforming it into a boater’s paradise where you can get anywhere by water, and no one uses cars. ‘Venice Part II’, people call it.

I can’t wait to see it all for myself!