Office Isn’t Warm

I feel bad. My work is really trying to incentivize people to come back into the office now that we’re legally allowed to work in it again. Except, I don’t want to. There are no heaters in the office! We live in Canberra and it’s absolutely freezing in winter. I used to have to put up with the cold because I had no other choice, but now that I know what it’s like working from home in the warmth, I absolutely cannot go back.

I don’t know if they need a heater installation or someone who does ducted heater servicing in the Canberra area to come in and fix the heater, but until they do I’m absolutely not going back. 

My work has started randomly doing free lunches and stuff to keep people guessing and have them come into the office. A lot of people have gotten involved in it, but for me, it’s just not worth it. Sure, everyone loves a free lunch, but at what cost? The cost of my body warmth and my happiness. No thank you. 

Part of me is worried that if I don’t start going into the office then I’m going to look bad. I know bosses are pretty picky with this stuff and like to maintain power over their employees by putting bums in seats all day. But the world is different now.

I’ve proven that I work better at home after ducted heating repairs. In the Canberra CBD, no one seems to bother about repairing heaters or anything. This means I’m not going to work to the best of my ability because I’m too cold, which will negatively affect my work. Part of me hopes that my bosses can see that this is the case… but I know I’m worried for a good reason. 

I really hope they don’t force us to start coming back into the office. I’m my own person and I need constant warmth to be able to thrive.