Using My Bathroom

Well, it’s been a month since I last updated you guys on the bathroom renovations in my home. That’s because there wasn’t too much that I could report on. They were renovating that entire time, so I would have just been reporting on more of the same. They had to get builders in to fix the floor underneath our bathroom, which made sense. There was seriously nothing left. The whole thing was one big safety hazard and it would have been dangerous for the renovators to work in the space when it was like that. Once the builders got the floor fixed, it was all stations go!

The reason that I’m writing this blog today is that… the bathroom refurbishment is complete! I just took my first shower in my new bathroom. It’s the first shower that I’ve taken in my own space in over eight months. It was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to shower again tomorrow.

I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon organising my drawers and cabinet space. I’m going to do a big cleanout of all my makeup and bathroom items, and enjoy a really nice, cleansed bathroom experience from now on. Now, not only will I not have to carry my towel, clothes and toothbrush to my parents’ bathroom, I also won’t have to worry about going through my drawers to find the item that I need!

Now that our new bathroom is complete, I don’t think I’m going to be moving out any time soon. I want everyone to know about our incredible new designer bathroom. Melbourne homeowners everywhere will benefit from getting a bathroom refurbishment. I’m going to enjoy my new bathroom for maybe a year or so and then I’ll move out with friends. I’m not overly keen to share a bathroom with people any time soon.

Thanks for following my bathroom renovation journey, everyone!