Super-Duper Man

Oh, what a battle that was! And the spoils, my goodness. This is why I went to the Superhero Training Academy (STA) in the first place! I’m loving my brand new car, courtesy of Dr Pistachio.

This was one for the ages. It isn’t every day that you’re lucky enough to catch your arch-nemesis napping, and get the upper hand before the fight has even begun. Musicians will sing songs about the Battle of Frankston’s Best Mechanic for years to come.

It began when I was flying through the southern suburbs of Melbourne, on my routine patrol for crime. I’d already stopped three bank robberies, two grand theft autos, and an illegal taffy cartel, and I was almost ready to call it a day and head home. I thought I would make a quick stop to visit my favourite mechanic. Lo and behold, there he was. Dr Pistachio, chomping on his favourite snack: an apple. Of course, he was up to no good, so I went to confront him. He pleaded with me, feigning innocence. He claimed that he was just there for a car air conditioning service because he hadn’t been blessed with the gift of flight.

I obviously saw through his lies. Dr Pistachio was supposed to be serving his second life sentence in jail! Although he made up some stupid excuse, about how there had been new evidence that proved him innocent, and how I had been sent letters about the retrial but hadn’t shown up to testify, I wasn’t buying it for a second.

Before he could sneak attack me and activate his latest doomsday device, I maneuvered around him, grabbed the scoundrel by the collar, and hoisted him into the air. Dr Pistachio tried to pull out his restraining order, but he was no match for me. I obliterated it with my laser vision, and flew my nemesis right back to jail. The mechanic thanked me for saving him and “gave” me Dr Pistachio’s car as a reward, which I drove straight home before I could hear the end of his sentence.

– Super-Duper Man